True Horizon is a consulting firm made up of vocational coaches, psychologists, and educational consultants, who all have years of experience advising their clients to achieve a high level of academic and professional success.

As of today, we are proud to say our teams have guided students all the way from their childhood to the doors of prestigious institutions such as: MIT, Oxford, Columbia, Juilliard or St. Martins and have helped countless professionals redefine and redirect their careers into disciplines suited to their unique skillsets.

In addition, True Horizon supports businesses in the process of change. It does not only help them redefine their vision, mission, values and culture, and push them to set new long-term objectives, but also designs a pathway to help them in order to achieve these objectives.

True Horizon is part of The Georgian Manor House, a leading international consultancy firm with more than 25 years of experience collaborating with more than 500 TOP educational institutions (universities, colleges, boarding schools and academies) worldwide.